Sports Injury Prevention: how to prevent sports injuries

February 1, 2010

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The most common mistake people make is to start working out without consulting an expert. It’s always best to consult your doctor before starting any fitness program. It can prove useful to get a personal trainer, if you can afford it, or workout in a gym under the instructor’s watchful eyes.

A personal trainer is actually necessary if you’ve been inactive for a long period of time. Without one you will waste time and might get injured. Sports injuries are pretty common, even amongst athletes. Here are some tips that will help you prevent sports injuries:


Pick the right exercises and sport to practice.

Most beginners don’t know enough about their body, and don’t know how to work the right muscles. Choosing the right exercises or sport makes a huge difference for your comfort and safety. Did you know that most beginners give up after 3-6 months of practicing a sport?

That’s because they see working out as some sort of punishment, or they can’t see the results and that’s why we need a professional. If you don’t know enough you can sabotage yourself so set doable goals like sliming the waist for example.

Know your limits.

Monitor your body, if it hurts stop, although if you’re new to the gym and you’re working with weights it’s bound to hurt. You need to tell the difference between muscle pain (which is normal) and joint pain. I have tried numerous pain relievers, but nothing helped me with the badly sprained ankle I had. Tramadol from worked well, though, making me feel a significant relief. The only drawback is the tiredness it promotes, but it depends on individual health peculiarities.

Too much too soon.

If you try doing it all from day one, you might have an unpleasant surprise. Ease into your workout , don’t forget you have your whole life to work out.

Faulty technique

An important issue of sport amateurs is doing the exercises wrong, that’s what personal trainers are for, if there are problems with your technique it’s his job to correct them.

Faulty technique and weak physical shape are the main reasons for sports accidents so don’t take anything for granted when it comes to exercising.

Lack of warming up

Warming up let’s you train your body without exposing yourself to the risk of accidents. It’s enough to convince yourself. So do some warm up routines.

Exhaustion due to exercising

Although it seems crazy most people exercise beyond their body’s limit which leads to increased heart rhythm (even while resting), emotional instability ,lasting muscle pain, disturbed stomach and lethargy. This is no joking matter! If you feel like you’ve overstepped your physical boundary take a few days and ease back into your routine. Workouts need to be pleasant and need to become an usual part of your schedule.

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