Slimming Supplements and Weight Loss Pills are Worthless

July 13, 2010

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Have you ever wondered if slimming supplements and weight loss pills are worthless or God sent? Have you ever wondered if they can back up their claims or are just a waste of your money? Have you ever wondered if the people who take them get any results?

If you have then you are in luck. Researchers who were wondering the same thing conducted a study to solve the mystery forever. Their results were presented at the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm, Sweden.

So are they any good?

Their answer was no!

The researchers took 9 popular brands of slimming supplements, changed the packages, and tested them against 9 other, equally anonymous but worthless pills. Researchers then proceeded by giving test subjects either 1 type of pill or another, carefully following dosages and recommended usage.

The results were as follow. In the test group receiving the popular slimming supplements average weight loss was between 1-2 kg. In the placebo group, average weight loss was 1.2kg.

Not much of a difference when you talk about results. On the other hand price is a different matter. These famous slimming supplements will have you spending hundreds of dollars for complete treatments. Money thrown down the drain.

You won’t receive one benefit, not even one. And if by any chance you do manage to lose weight, it was purely your efforts. It was a placebo, and because you truly believed in the slimming supplements power you were just more motivated to lose weight.

Anyway, when you hear about THE new weight loss pill guaranteed to make you thin and slim and you think it sounds too good to be true then you are right. Unless you read in the paper that some scientist received the Nobel Prize for inventing a weight loss pill that actually works, don’t buy.

Put that money to better use. Buy yourself a gym membership or some fresh fruits and vegetables. Buy a home dumb bell set, running shoes or even a jump rope. Buy anything else as long as you know it can truly help you lose weight.

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