Simple Pieces of Advice for Those who Don’t Like Exercising

January 29, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of a daily work out. You don’t need to run a marathon daily you just need to do some exercises daily.

Rethink the way you see physical exercise.

Don’t think “I need to exercise” think of it as a gift to yourself and enjoy the exercises you do. Also your outfit should be able to handle anything the weather throw’s at you so your top should also have a hood in case it rains you can’t use it as an excuse.

Do it right. The main reasons people stop working out are pain and accidents. Before you actually begin consult a doctor or a fitness instructor to see if you’re physically fit to work out.


Exercise with friends. You can go jogging, to the gym, bike riding or just take a walk with them. The sense of belonging, am camaraderie can be great motivators. Get used to take notes on how it affected your mood you after each workout. In the future when you feel like you’re not in the mood, read your notes again, very probably you’ll go to the park in the next 10 minutes.

In the beginning set easy goals and go from there on

For example if you want to run for 30 minutes, start with a fast walk. Alternate between 5 minutes of fast walking and 5 minutes of strolling. Admit that on some days you feel like working out while on others you just dread the idea.

So it’s normal to feel lazy sometimes, but don’t let this affect your workout.

Force yourself and get to work!

You’ll be grateful later. To avoid monotony, work out while watching an exercise tape. You’ll feel motivated. Get on a reward system. The effects of exercising become more visible over time. Get photographed monthly after a while you will notice the changes.

It’s better to work out at the gym, with other people, you will make friends and it will be more fun! It will be a mini vacation which you will be looking forward to.

Indulge yourself

Pick a day a week (no more) when you don’t work out. And if for any reason you skip your workout on a couple of days, don’t blame yourself. It would be pointless any way. Just continue your routine normally.

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