Sheryl Crow’s Diet and Exercise Routine: A Cancer Survivor’s Secrets

February 28, 2011

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Sexy American singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow is not only a 9-time Grammy awardee, she’s also a proud breast cancer survivor. One of the things that Sheryl learned as a cancer survivor is adhering to a healthy diet and regular exercise to avoid the possible remission of this condition. Here she shares her nutrition tips for leading a healthy life.

Sheryl-Crow.jpgSheryl Crow’s diet plan involves having healthy diet with the right combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat. She eats a lot of vegetables that gives her the nutrients she needs and the fuel essential in doing her exercise routines.

Among her favourite vegetable dishes which she prepares at home includes broccoli, zucchini and string beans with fiber-rich brown rice. Sheryl also stopped drinking caffeinated drinks that involves her giving up from drinking coffee and soda.

Furthermore, Sheryl Crow’s diet involves eating small meals throughout the day.

“Even with all those carbs," says Sheryl, "I wound up losing weight. It may have also helped that I was eating such fresh food. Nothing packaged. Nothing with preservatives."

Sometimes, she also treats herself with potato chips and McDonald’s that are two of her weaknesses.

For Sheryl Crow’s exercise routine, she works out with her personal trainers Rich and Helene Guzman. She does ball exercise like push-ups with medicine ball, horizontal pull-up, stability ball incline plank. Whenever she has a hectic schedule, she runs or rides her bike outdoors for one hour daily and does Yoga whenever she has free time. She doesn’t just do a leisurely jog; it’s actually a calorie-blasting run.

“I run or bike outdoors for at least an hour every single day. I don’t listen to music when I run. I meditate, get my thoughts in order and focus on my form,” Sheryl claims.

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