Seth Rogen’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Chubby to Fit and Healthy

April 4, 2011

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Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen is known to playing characters that makes us roll on the floor laughing. Some of his big screen hit movies are Superbad, Knocked Up and the 40-Year-Old-Virgin. He usually has that chubby character but that all changed when he played the main role in the movie The Green Hornet. The comedian actor has actually lost around 30 pounds which is why you’ll see him in great shape now. What did he do? Well, keep reading to know more.

Seth-Rogen.jpg“I lost for a role, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it,” Seth says. “That’s the big question. I have a lot of tantrums. I want my food. I cry for no reason.”

Seth Rogen’s diet involves the popular weight loss program made by Harley Pasternak, the Five Factor diet plan. This is a 5-week plan which promises to give you apparent results in just 5 weeks. It promises an easy and effective means for a person to naturally attain a healthy and fit figure.

Seth Rogen’s diet includes 5 meals a day that lessens his hunger and foods cravings. These meals will not only help him lose weight but will also make him feel less hungry all throughout the day. The ingredients of the meals can be seen on the diet plan’s official website. It can be prepared using 5 ingredients in just 5 minutes. Furthermore, it allows 5 cheat days within the 5 weeks that empowers the dieter to continue adhering with the program.

For Seth Rogen’s exercise routine, he works out 25 minutes a day for 5 weeks, still a part of Harley Pasternak’s weight loss regimen. His routine primarily combines strength training with cardio training in five five-minute intervals. Most of the time, the workouts are short but intense and were made to keep the individual motivated in doing the exercise routine. It simply needs two things when working out – a pair of dumbbells and a bench.

At the same time, Seth Rogen’s exercise routine concentrated more on reduction and fitness with some strength training to improve his figure. He actually did some of his own stunts in the film that’s why he needed a good amount of physical conditioning.

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