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April 13, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

It is said that man is what he eats. You must decide if you live to eat or you eat to live. We must never forget to have a measure in everything. It is good to know what is good for us and what is bad for us on the long run. The vegetarians have a couple of sound advices that I believe should mold our lives maybe just a little if not all the way:

  • -the diseases from which we humans suffer are determined in a big part by our alimentation and can be cured by achieving a healthier natural alimentation. Why not anticipate and avoid the collision with a disease while you are still healthy? In raw living foods you can find the secrets of health and youth for yourself.
  • -the ones that wish to lose weight should use a diet made out entirely out of raw living foods. That way it is possible to avoid the all too familiar hunger feeling and an unnecessary high salt intake.
  • -while the foods prepared with heat bring toxins to out body, raw foods help you detoxify your body by melting the stored up toxins from your body.
  • -a natural diet supposes the eating of only fresh raw foods: vegetables, fruits, cereals, plant teas, spices, not boiled or smoked milk products, eggs, honey…
  • -eating naturally means not to eat sugar, salt, white bread and any heat prepared foods. More bluntly in the natural alimentation kitchen there isn’t a cooker. Instead a multifunctional mixer is recommended. Also it is recommended to renounce eating any animal fat.
  • -you should reduce or throw out from your diet salty, smoked and preserved foods.
  • -if you are a smoker you should reduce the number of cigars you smoke and finally quit smoking. The same goes for drinking.
  • -you should avoid the sun’s rays especially between 11 and 15 o’clock. Avoid any ultraviolet lights used in cosmetic interest. Avoid using the microwave oven.
  • -avoid getting stressed up and create for yourself an optimum work schedule, with harmony and equilibrium built in.
  • -never eat in a hurry or when you are mad. The lighter meal should be the dinner.
  • -you must drink 8 cups of water daily, of which 2 cups should be drank in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • -you should avoid drinking liquids during a meal because it dilutes the gastric juice.
  • you should consume a limited number of aliments at every meal and be careful of what you mix together. For example meat should be eaten with a raw salad, and not with potatoes. Also you should eat the raw salad before the meal to ensure a fiber bed.
  • -wine should be drank one hour prior to the meal and just one glass or two.
  • -it is good for you to eat foods produced in your native country.
  • -it is good for your health to increase the quantity of naturally rich in vitamins and minerals foods. Synthetic vitamins can’t fulfill their role as efficiently as natural ones because they have a different structure.

The purpose of food should be that of giving our body all the necessary nutrients it needs. Some of us enjoy a plentiful meal and overeat and over time this tendency will make them overweight, ill and prematurely old. They go to the doctor who prescribes them drugs that will hurt the body also and will have bad side effects.

Hippocrates used to say " Food should be your medicine and your medicine should be food." He recommended to the sick and the healthy a diet based around raw foods picked with care.

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