Sandra Bullock’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Secrets and Tips

February 24, 2011

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The always elegant Oscar Awardee Sandra Bullock is the girl Most Likely To Brighten Up Your Day, and even at 46, remains Hollywood’s classic girl-next -door, enticing the movie-going public with her easy charisma and perfectly shaped figure in hit movies While You Were Sleeping, The Blind Side, and The Proposal. Here, the lovely doe-eyed actress shares her tips for achieving those drool-worthy toned arms and slim waistline. Ladies, you’re in luck.

Sandra-Bullock.jpg“I really changed my eating habits, from pizza and Diet Coke to something like maybe a piece of chicken and some vegetables on the side,” Sandra shares.

Sandra Bullock’s diet allows her to eat whatever her heart desires but at the same time, tries to avoid consuming any junk foods until weekend comes. She adheres to a balanced diet and portion control too to maintain her sexy figure.

The balanced diet allows the consumption of foods coming from the three food groups: fat, carbs and protein. These are properly balanced in every meal to ensure that she gets the right amount of nutrients needed by her body.

Furthermore, Sandra Bullock’s diet doesn’t allow her to eat junk foods which she also avoids eating.

For Sandra Bullock’s exercise routine, she prefers to do variety of exercises to keep her motivated. She actually works out regularly that means exercising almost every day. Sandra loves mixing aerobics with strength training, runs, bikes, and does kickboxing into her fitness regimen.

“I do Pilates, kickboxing and weight training. When I’m in Austin, I run or ride a bike. If I can work out every day, I will. But there are times when I won’t do anything for two weeks, and I’m like, ‘You know what? I talk enough to burn calories,’” she shares.

She also loves doing plyometrics which is a type of exercise that allows the muscles to attain its maximum force in the shortest time period. Through stretching the muscles first which is then followed by an activity that needs force like sprinting or jumping, the muscle will likely to make the optimum outcomes.

Sandra Bullock’s exercise routine also includes weight lifting in her strength training routine to help in building and strengthening the different muscles of her body. This is because Sandra discovered that just like other females, blending the routine with various exercises is an excellent way to get and stay in shape.

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