Roller Skating Fitness: Rollerblading as a fitness exercise

January 19, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

Around 1600 someone came up with a great idea. He put small wheels on two pieces of wood and then attached them to his shoes. That’s how roller skates were born. The design evolved a lot until present days. Find out what wonders these things can make for your fitness.

Along the years a lot of research has been made on the subject of physical benefits of rollerblading. The general conclusion is that it stimulates your heart and muscle toner just like cycling, but not as tiresome as jogging.

For a rookie this may seem hard to learn, but in time everyone that tried found out that they could exercise and have fun while doing it. What more can you wish for.


Like jogging roller skating shows its results on the long run. It is all up to how much you practice this sport. Unlike jogging, rollerblading takes the strain away from your heart. It is practically an effortless sport.

What can the ritual of rollerblading promise? Cheeky buttocks, perfect thighs and a flat abdomen. But we must not forget that you expose yourself to hazards and injuries, the most common of which is fracture of the arm, elbow and knee injury. Therefore, your fitness exercise must be "equipped" with the appropriate elements, namely, elbow pads, knee pads and helmet.

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