Resveratrol Supplements Might Help You Live Longer and Be Slimmer

June 24, 2010

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Reservatrol is a red wine compound well known for its life extending properties. It also helps reduce the health problems associated with a fatty diet. But in a recent study done on lemurs it was discovered that reservatrol might also help us lose weight.

According to the scientists from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris, France lemurs mimic human beings better and are a more reliable test subject for studies that want their results projected for us human. The lemurs are in fact primates, and very similar to us.

The study consisted in giving the lemurs reservatrol supplements while they were on their annual fattening period. Each year during the winter the lemurs gain weight, just like we humans do. Normally, the lemurs who weight around 133 grams or 0.3 pounds started gaining 1.2 grams of fat each day during their annual fattening period.

Once the scientists stated feeding them reservatrol supplements the lemurs only gained 0.5 grams of fat each day. That is a considerable lowering of the ammoun of fat they were able to store once the reservatrol was introduced in their diet.

What is more interesting is the fact that the lemur’s resting metabolic rate got increased by 29%. All this without any change in the amount of exercise they got. The lemurs also ate with 13% less food at each meal, even if they were presented with the same amount of food as before being given reservatrol.

According to Fabienne Aujard "The overall goal would be to develop some dietary supplementation or nutrient strategies that could interfere and decrease body mass gain and obesity. Also, understanding how resveratrol acts to prevent weight gain might shed light on general risk factors for obesity."

According to the scientists if the results were translated to humans, taking reservatrol would reduce the amount of weight a person gains by 10-15%. Combine these results with the results of other studies that show that reservatrol increased the life span of yeast, worms and flies and reservatrol just might be a miracle cure.

Imagine taking a reservatrol supplement, increasing your life span and decreasing your chances of getting fat. What more can you ask from a supplement. Now all we have to do is wait for more studies to confirm this hypothesis.

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