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April 28, 2009

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Our bodies get used to eating more caloric rich foods during the winter because we need all that extra energy. The colder the region where you live is the more fatty foods you are inclined to eat. That way you make sure your body has enough energy to face the cold from outside. But as summer approaches you should abandon the winter eating style and get on a light summer diet. Your don’t need all those calories if outside is warn and pleasant. And if it is extremely hot fatty food can cause you problems, making the heat more unbearable.

The first thing you have to do is to drink lots of water and liquids. It is recommended to drink 2 liters or 8 cups of water everyday. If you chose to drink juices opt for the natural ones, fresh squeezed by yourself. Avoid the juices sold in supermarkets because they are full of sugar and chemicals. Fresh natural juices are a spring of health for your body and mind. I recommend drinking orange and carrot juice but I am sure you can make up your own recipes for healthy homemade natural juices. They help you eat less during a meal by keeping hunger away. Also fresh natural juices give your body the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly.


Keep in mind that a big chunk of all the body fat you have is in fact only water. So drinking diuretic teas can help you eliminate the excess water through sweat. That way you will shed some extra pounds and get a more sexy body

The sweets without which you believe you cannot live can be good for your body but in moderation. Studies have shown that the need to eat sweet is a psychological one. Avoid eating chocolates made with milk and all kind of fruits and choose a dark chocolate. The chocolate you eat should have at least 70% cacao in its composition. Also don’t try to cheat by eating chocolate made for diabetes because even if it doesn’t have sugar it will still make you gain weight. It’s not a weight loss chocolate and it is full of calories. Ice-cream, the star of summer, is a delight you can enjoy almost as much you want. There is a weight loss diet based and centered around ice-cream that reportedly is very successful. But the condition is that the ice-cream has to be made out of fruits, no whipped cream or chocolate syrup. To be sure of the fat and caloric contents of your ice-cream you should prepare it yourself. A quick ice-cream recipe for you to try out is: mix plain yogurt with fruits and freeze the mix. It’s a cooling and refreshing delight that will make any hot summer day seem cooler and your waistline won’t be affected.

Stop eating fried foods, and if you really need to fry something up use virgin olive oil to do the cooking. That way you will eliminate a whole bunch of calories from your diet and eat more healthy.

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