Relax with the Help of a Good Foot Massage

January 31, 2010

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At the end of a tiring work day, you feet look discouraging, and your mood is a particularly happy one. It’s not surprising actually, you’ve been standing in high heels for 8 hours, and the heat has dilated you blood vessels… How do your feet look? How do they feel? They’re probably sticking between them like sardines in a can, skin is lacking in color and hyper sensible, and you can feel tension accumulating in your thighs. What can you do to reanimate them? Nothing can relax you better than a massage…

It would be ideal if you had someone close to you who can take care of this so you can lie back enjoy and feel the tension melt away. Despite popular thought the masseur reaps benefits from the massage too(because he feels he’s helping someone he loves, also it fixes arterial blood pressure)

For you , the one being spoiled, there are very few things more relaxing. Foot massages fix combat stress and stimulate blood flow. The effects will be doubled if beforehand you apply a moisturizing cream or some massage oil

If you don’t have any “volunteers”, you can massage yourself. Of course it won’t as enjoyable but still you’re feet will be much better afterwards.


How to give a proper foot massage

The is no indicated period or quantity for this. In other words massage yourself whenever you feel like it. If you have someone to do this for you lie back and put your feet on a big pillow.

If you’re alone sit in a comfortable chair, preferably a couch, bend the foot you want to massage keeping the other one straight and massage your feet until you feel like they’re smiling. What does this mean? You guessed it there’s no minimum or maximum time period, it all depends on you. If you’re using a cream or oil, protect the space around you with some plastic covers.

Step 1: massage your feet and thighs

This stimulates blood flow and pleasantly warm your leg. Start at the upper base, with gentle motions, slow but firm, slightly pressing on your feet with your finger tips. Continue along your foot towards your heel climbing upward towards your knees.

Step 2: Rotating the ankles.

This relaxes your joints. Hug your leg with one arm, using the other one to slowly massage your ankles, rotating it 3-5 times, in all directions. This is especially useful for arthritis patients.

Step 3:Massaging the toes

Like fingers toes are very sensible to touch, so much so that this type of massage can prove very relaxing for them. Start with you big toes, massage it slowly and gently pull on it, bending it while intensifying the motions.

Step 4: repeat step 1 to 3 as needed.

Massaging you foot and thigh is the ideal way to conclude this ritual if pampering your legs and relaxing your body.

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