Red Meat and Cancer: red meat can increase the risk of cancer

June 4, 2009

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People that eat red meat frequently have a greater chance of getting colon cancer. If you like eating pork, beef, lamb meat you should start being more moderate. Eat less and you will be much more healthy. You don’t have to stop eating red meat altogether.

Red meat doesn’t get her name form it’s color or from the way it is cooked. Meat is called red meat based from which animals it came. Pork, beef and lamb meat are red meat. Chicken, rabbit and game meat is white meat.

Red meat offers your body proteins, iron and minerals. But if you eat red meat at every meal the saturated fats it contains will cause all kind of health problems.

Colon cancer is very spread in the general population, affecting men and woman in a similar proportion. Eating huge quantities of red meat on a daily basis for a long time increases the risk of colon cancer with about 50%. If you eat a daily portion of red meat the size of a hamburger then you already eat too much.

If you want to improve your eating habits and stay healthier you should create smaller portions of red meat to eat. Also choose to eat red meat that is lean and has fewer fats. The scientists from the American Cancer Society studied only the effects of the quantity of red meat you eat. They did not studied the effects of how it is cooked. In my opinion if you eat boiled or grilled red meat the health risk goes down considerably. Avoid eating fast food red meat that is full of food additives. You should eat red meat 2-3 times per week.


If you are used to eating lots of cold cuts you should stop it. They contain red meat and a truck load of food additives. Your body gets the fats form the red meat and also preservers, colorants and other funky chemicals.

The cause of a potential colon cancer can have as its base in a protein that is found in red meat, in the cells of the muscles. That protein is myoglobin. During the cooking process myoglobulin may create cancerous substances.

If you like eating lots of red meat you should also be aware of the cardiovascular implications. All sort of cardiovascular diseases can be created because of the high fatty contents of red meat.

Again you can eat red meat. You don’t have to stop eating red meat. You just have to reduce the quantities and frequency at which you eat red meat. Fast food should always be a big nono. It much better for your health.

If you feel the need for meat you can try replacing red meat with chicken or fish meat or even seafood. Study a cookbook to find out new and healthier recipes to try.

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