Rachel Bilson’s Diet and Exercise Routine: A Young Actress with a Hot Figure

February 21, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Italian-American stunner Rachel Bilson is best known for playing Summer Roberts on prime time drama series The O.C. She’s not just talented, she’s also gifted with a great sense of style and an even greater figure. Rachel admits that her diet, exercise and enough discipline has brought her the tight, ultra-fit bod others would kill for. And luckily, she shares her secrets with you readers. Right here, right now.

Rachel-Bilson.jpg"If I’m hungry I’m a monster. I get so grumpy if I don’t eat. I always have things in my purse, especially candy. I love candy. But I’ll also have granola bars. I’ll be at a party and I’ll have an apple in my bag or cookies or crackers,” she says.

Rachel Bilson’s diet is the raw food diet considered an effective way for those who wish to have a healthy and sexy figure and lifestyle. This kind of diet is centred on eating unprocessed, preferably organic, whole plant-based foods, with at least 75% of which are raw or uncooked.

Rachel Bilson’s diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, legumes, dried fruits, seaweeds, freshly made fruit and vegetable juices, along with other organic or natural foods which are unprocessed and uncooked.

This is because of the fact that uncooked foods contain more important food enzymes than cooked ones. Furthermore, Rachel Bilson’s diet provides a specific means during food preparation.

Rachel also shares her favourite treat to herself, "I snack a lot. My favourite thing isn’t a meal. I love snacking on cookies or chips. But I also absolutely love fruit and vegetables. That’s what I crave the most, actually. A really good nectarine or apricot. Anything really. And I’m a huge cereal person. I eat that for meals a lot.”

For Rachel Bilson’s exercise routine, she jogs every morning and dances regularly as part of her cardio exercise. Such kind of exercise routine increases her metabolism and burns a lot of calories especially those brought about by fats. Thus, it is effective in losing weight, weight maintenance, and in keeping the heart healthy too.

Rachel Bilson’s exercise routine also includes yoga, a kind of fitness program that involves gentle stretching, proper breathing exercise, and progressive deep relaxation that aims to relax the body and mind of the person. At the same time, it strengthens, elongates and increases the flexibility of her muscles.

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