Pushups are great breast exercises for women

May 21, 2009

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If you want more firm breasts then you should start doing pushups. Pushups are great for achieving great looking breasts. It is true that pushups aren’t the only way to work your chest muscles. But the advantage of pushups is that you don’t need any fitness equipment to do the pushups and you use your own weight to train your muscles.

Pushups are hard to do. You need a lot of force and training to be able to do even one. You have to take baby steps towards your goal, 1 pushup, if you cannot do even one. After being able to do one you will do 2 and then 3… Here is some advice so you will succeed to do pushups like a pro:


Step 1: first try to develop your upper body muscles through other physical exercises using weights. Focus on every repetition.

Step 2: you can practice pushups on an inclined plane. All you need is sturdy object that id high enough. You can use a coffee table or a stool. The higher the object the easier the pushup will be because you will have less weight to push at each repetition. This is a great way to learn how to do the pushups correctly and get you started. During the exercise you must never touch the table with your chest or stomach. You have to keep your muscles contracted all the time during on repetition. If you have the money you can buy a aerobic fitness step to use instead of a coffee table or stool.

Step 3: after a period of doing pushups with the help of the step if you feel more powerful, you can progress to doing the pushups on the ground directly. When you do the pushups, you must make sure that your shoulders and knees are aligned in a straight line. You will lower your body until there is a distance of about 4 inches between the ground and your chest. Remember to always keep your muscles contracted.


I wish you luck in achieving better looking breasts.

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