Personalized Diet: why you should make your own diet

February 4, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Are you ready to lose weight? Mass media diets, allow quick results, but what we should want shouldn’t be just to lose some weight, rather just assuming some healthy eating habits.

Most diets are so restrictive and they usual turn out to be a fiasco. Some diets barely supply enough calories to ensure enough energy over a short period of time.

This in mind, it’s noticeable that any diet which includes many calories, fats and sugars isn’t sliming. The only formula all diets have is simple: eat less calories than your body can burn and the result is weight loss.


Thus it isn’t necessary to take nutritional supplements or even medication to have better results, but the wisest course of action would be to start a new balanced personalized diet and most importantly a diet which you can follow for the rest of your life. A personalized diet is all about forming healthy eating habits that will help you lose weight fast and keep it off forever.

There are very few people who can do such things so adopting a diet must have as a main goal setting in a direction favorable to a change in lifestyle. Your personalized diet should teach you how to eat healthy and help you realize your weight loss goals.

The best part of a personalized diet is that you can choose which slimming foods you include and which you won’t in your personalized diet plan. You can also choose the type of exercise routines you will do. Nice.

What are you really eating?

No matter what nutritional program you follow, healthy foods such as fresh fruits and legumes, proteins from low fat chicken meat, fish, beef, dairy should be permanently present.

You must also understand that foods that are rich from a nutritional points of view, aren’t just healthy but they also help weight loss and effectively prolong life. The hipoglicemic diet is currently the most popular. It was among the top diets in the 90’s. The most recommended diet is one based on nutrient rich foods with low energy levels.

It’s important to remark that when you start a certain nutritional program, you need to fully understand these things and also strictly follow it. Depending on what diet plan you follow and the manner in which your organism reacts, it’s possible that results don’t appear as fast as you would like. Just keep at it and eventually you will get the much desired weight loss results.

In case you alter your personalized diet by eating something too rich in calories, it’s enough that the next day you eat something lighter and with less calories than usual.

It’s essential to understand that losing weight fast is unhealthy and also harbors the risk of regaining the weight very quickly after stopping dieting.

Any diet, even if it is a personalized diet, needs to be eased into and it’s not recommended to make big changes too quickly. Patience is the word. Thinking about the goodies you used to enjoy before on the couch in front of the TV, together with the pressure of wanting a quick change can lead to frustration, discouragement and ultimately, the abandoning of the personalized diet.

Happily or sadly, human nature can get used to almost anything. Evidently that regarding getting used to health food and with physical exercise, surely “happily” is applied.

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