Penelope Cruz’s Diet and Exercise Routine For A Hot Sexy Body

December 29, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Penelope Cruz is as perfect as perfect gets, with her deep set chocolate brown eyes,  and enviable physique. The 36 year old Oscar Winning star is married to Academy Awardee Javier Bardem, and a new mom to a baby boy, but this didn’t stop the former ballet dancer from keeping her long sleek muscles and dancer’s figure. The pregnancy made her more motivated to get back in fighting form.

"I’m eating healthily and working out." She says, smiling. "Give me bread, some oil and salt, and I’ll be happy, but I can’t be eating like that all the time. It’s just watching what you eat, I don’t believe in dieting at all."

penelope_cruz.jpgPenelope Cruz’s diet is a portion-controlled, low calorie diet. She also just recently joined the multitude of Hollywood stars, such as Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman and Madonna, who turned to NutriFit, an American gourmet catering service that provides three balanced meals and three healthy snacks per day guaranteed to help shed those extra kilos. 

 "The plan is designed to give you a diet made up of 50 percent favourable carbohydrates, such as brown rice, 25 percent lean protein and 25 percent healthy fats," as stated by NutriFit Founder, Jackie Keller. " Foods rich in saturated fat like and full-fat cheeses are not allowed. Dark chocolate is OK, as long as it’s portion-controlled." 

On a typical day, Penelope Cruz’s diet plan would consist of:

  • Breakfast: buckwheat pancakes or scrambled eggs and onions, cooked in a dash of olive oil
  • Mid-morning snack: fresh fruit salad with apples or a wild berry smoothie.
  • Lunch: barbecue-grilled chicken whole wheat pizza together with raw garnish or whole wheat pasta with turkey-meat sauce and grilled mushrooms.
  • Mid-afternoon snack: couscous with raisins and dates or perhaps a low-fat protein bar.
  • Dinner: baked cod along with green beans and a green salad or chicken with wine and mushrooms
  • Evening snack: 4 squares of dark chocolate

Part of Penelope Cruz’s exercise routine involves Core Secrets, a combination of cardiovascular  and strength training work outs developed by personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. Penelope does integrated workouts that work on different and multiple muscles in the body such as bicep curls and squats with concentrated core work for lean abdominals. Penelope also attends Pilates and Yoga classes on days she’s not spending time in the gym.

"I do all these exercises, but I’m a ballet dancer first and foremost. I started since I was 9." She says. "So dancing is really one of my passions. It’s my first choice for a workout."

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