Parents Commonly Misdiagnosed Childhood Obesity

Recent studies show that the growing rate in childhood obesity and therefore future adult obesity and several other heal problems is caused by ignorant parents. 71% of all the parents participating in the study misdiagnosed childhood obesity as being normal or even underweight.

And people wonder why children are fat and getting even fatter. It’s because of their parent’s complete and oblivious ignorance. I mean c’mon. how can you not distinguish an obese child from an underweight kid. For me this is absolutely shocking.

One possible excuse is that almost no parents talked to or have been warned of their kid’s weight gain. Fewer than 8% of total parents reported being warned by pediatricians that their children are gaining weight too fast and might end up obese. Or that they already are obese.


Here in the USA, when push comes to shove we just blame it on Others. The kids will eventually blame the parents. The parents will blame the doctors. Doctors will blame big fast food chains and on and on and on.

Unless no one steps up to their shortcomings, the obesity epidemic will just get bigger and bigger. Last year the smallest rate was of approximately 19% obese adults in one state. Smallest in the whole country. Pretty good right?


in 1991, not even two full decades ago, the fattest state had a rate of approximately 19%.Go figure

O.K. Now let’s talk about solutions. Complaints without solutions are just hot air and wasted energy.

Option number one would be firmer governmental involvement in the issue. Already researchers proposed a number of methods to find and counter obesity in children. Like neck measurements for example. But since the government has a long history of not caring and screwing us over, we are left with only option number two

Option number two lies within you. Self education. I believe that parents who blame doctors for not informing them of such an obvious problem are just shifting the blame. Yes doctors are partially guilty, and yes they did neglect their job. But ask yourself this, who has more responsibility for a kid, the doctor, or the parent.

Surf the net, check the news, when visiting the doctor, ask them questions. If you doubt, ask.

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