Parents Have to Teach Their Children How to Be Fit

May 3, 2010

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In the US alone there are 25 million obese children. That is huge considering the fact that when you are still growing you have the fastest metabolism possible.

In many households eating and giving the children the best food possible is a show of love and affection. Food is a way of showing their feelings for one another and pleasant experience everyone can share. Unfortunately all that overeating leads to excess weight, even obesity.

Parents have to learn to cook healthier meals and express their love for their children in much healthier ways. How about playing some basketball as a way of bonding with your child. There are plenty of sports you and your child can practice.

It is more important that today’s parents are good healthy role than ever before. It is a lot easier to order a pizza than to cook something. But if your children see you ordering food all the time or eating out all the time they will follow in your footsteps and eat lots of junk food too. This will make you unhealthy and your children too.

If you maintain a good body image and if you have a proactive approach to weight loss and weight maintenance your children will pick those habits too. This isn’t about looking like a movie star, it’s about feeling good in your skin. You have to feel good in your skin so that your children can learn how to feel good in their own skin.

Please avoid unhealthy weight loss methods. Avoid starving yourself, taking laxatives or throwing-up your meals. You don’t want your children to follow the same unhealthy weight loss methods. Instead use healthy weight loss methods that are base on exercising and eating lots of fruits, vegetables and low fat food. Your children will be a lot happier and healthier this way.

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