Overweight is a family eating habit and legacy

It is time to blame your parents right? After all your mother was the one that put all that food in your plate when you were little and made you eat it all. She hid all the chocolate and ice-cream and now you binge on them to catch up all that lost time. It is a known fact that our eating habits are influenced by our parents form early childhood. That’s why you have to see the pattern, analyze it, change what is bad for our health and keep what is good. That way you can get a permanent handle on your weight issue, and get in shape. It would be nice is all the drama of excess weight would be psychological. But unfortunately genetics plays a certain role also. And your parents aren’t the only one source of overweigh psychological scars. Frequent emotional rides and peer pressure can lead to blubber pilling up.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Lots of specialist say that there is an invisible factor related to weight, the metabolism. Your metabolism is inherited. Some got it good and others have to put more effort in keeping weight off. It has been proven that the predisposition to gaining weight is genetically transmitted. Two twins raised separately weight the same, regardless if they were a part of a fat or skinny family. Also the adopted children take after their natural parents.

It is expected that an adopted child raised in an overweight family to become really overweight like his surrogate parents. But he will be much more slimmer and in shape if he had natural thin parents. Fat just doesn’t stick to him like on his parents.

But weight issues aren’t just genetic. So don’t rush to the fridge and go on an eating spree. There is more.


Love served on the plate

Digestive diseases are more often than not the result of emotional issues unresolved. To love food is much easier then loving people.

While we are children we aspect our parents to do everything in a manner that will benefit us. When that doesn’t happen we seek refuge in the fridge and the consolation in food. Running to the fridge every time something doesn’t go the way we wanted it is a result of a bad habit acquired during childhood and signifies the reluctance to grow up on the part of the person engaging in it. If you can’t get over the fact that your parents and later husbands, employers and our friends can’t and shouldn’t resolve every problem you have then you will never grow up and a major door to losing weight will be locked forever. In exceptional situations it seems better to feed yourself than starve of lack of emotions and loneliness. The problem is that you eat for good when the kind of food you need is spiritual.

In such situations there are two ways people generally go. They either eat too much or to less. Bulimics say “I feel safe because I have food” and anorexics say “I don’t need you and I don’t need food also”

The specialists say that the treating of such affections must start with the acceptance of the fact that there are persons who can help you.

But not all who go on frequent binging sprees want to find a refuge in food. It might be the fact that you are eating in a very friendly environment, very friendly. The excess of hospitability makes you eat more that you would usually eat.

Daddy where are you?

Absent fathers have a strong influence on the way their daughters and sons react before a plate full of tasty fatty plate of food. The children want to acquire the attention of their distant father. So they either get in a fantastic shape, which is the hard and less travelled road, or get fat, really fat. Getting fast is the easier way to achieve the same purpose so many chose to travel on it.

The hunger of father approval is present for every child. If the hunger is met then the child will feed normally. If not the child feels more and more the need of acceptance of his father, will start doubting himself, feels pain, anxiety and becomes depressed. That is when the child starts eating furiously. For girls the absence of a father figure is portrayed in inner conflicts related to her physical look, and therefore creating eating problems.

Thin like my mother

For girls the attitude of their mother towards their bodies is crucial. If her mother is on an eternal diet, sometimes without a good justification, her daughter will inherit the same desire to be physically acceptable. It is an exaggeration telling that only the parents are to be blamed for their children nutritional problems, but I can say that eating to much or too little is related to the need and desire to be accepted by the loved ones.

What can you do

We have established that the genetic factors and emotional states influence your weight by making you eat more or less. But if you eat in normal reasonable limits your weight should be constant . It doesn’t matter al the outside factors if you can manage to your own energy.

If the number of calories that you eat ant the number of calories that you use up during the day are equal you will maintain your weight. If you use more calories then you eat then you will lose weight and if you eat more then you eat you will gain weight. You have to balance your eating habits and ensure your body gets all the nutrients that it needs. There is on old Chinese saying “Respect your body and your body will respect you.”

Avoid resisting the urge of eating a small bite of chocolate or other highly fattening food. Take the bite and pacify your mind and craving. You can’t fight for ever the desire and you will go on a monster binge that will deposit fats in your ass. If you are angry or disappointed then talk to a friend, write in your journal or break something. Express your feelings don’t burry them under a mountain of sweets and fatty food. Food won’t give you advice or solve the problem and you will go bananas when you will get on a scale. If you are already thin thank god and don’t go for a skeletal figure. If you are overweight then work out and keep a normal diet. Hunger is a temporary cure and in the long run will only make you even more fat.

Other bad habits that you might have inherited from your parents include: smoking, tiredness, a debt creating mindset and your driving skills.

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