Organic Food Makes You Overeat

May 2, 2010

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In this week’s Experimental Biology conference held in Anaheim, Calif it was revealed that organic labeled foods make overeat. It seems that the effect of the organic label is the same as the effect of the low fat label.

People who see the organic label think it is ok to eat more of the healthy food. But it doesn’t matter how healthy a food is. If you eat too much of it you will get fat and harm your body. This is due to the way organic food is perceived.

According to a study people think that organic labeled food contains 40% less calories than the same food without the organic label. The study was conducted by giving people organic cookies and asking them how many calories they thought the cookie contained. All of the participants underestimated the caloric contents of the organic cookies. This will make it easier for them to justify overeating.

The study also revealed the two major personality types that would fall prey to such a trap. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that the people who tended the most to make these low estimates were in fact those that usually buy organic food and those that usually read the label for nutritional information. It seems that in this case believing all food equally fattening is a better way to go.

If you think about it the study is right. Home baked cookies made out of organic ingredients are still cookies. They still contain a huge amount of calories and sugar. So seeing the organic label doesn’t instantly mean it is a weight loss friendly food.

The only organic foods that could be consumed without restriction are fresh fruits and vegetables. But even overeating fruits and vegetables can sometimes reduce the effectiveness of your weight loss plan. The best thing you could do is to just avoid overeating if you want to lose weight or avoid gaining weight, regardless how healthy a food claims to be.

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