Oprah Winfrey Diet: Go Vegan to Lose Weight

August 2, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

The most publicized Oprah Winfrey diet is the 21 day cleansing diet that she followed and got some pretty good results. Here is what Oprah Winfrey said about the 21 day cleansing diet: “This has been exactly what we intended: enlightening. I will forever be a more cautious and conscious eater. That’s my commitment for now. To stay awakened. Thank you for escorting us along the journey to wellness. We’re not quantum quality yet, but “leaning in.”

What I like about the 21 days cleansing diet that Oprah Winfrey followed is the fact that she never starved herself. She ate lots and lots of food. All she did is exchange the unhealthy food she used to eat with healthy food. And what can be more healthy than fresh fruits and vegetables.

For the 21 day cleanse Oprah Winfrey went on a vegan diet. No meat of any sorts and no animal products. Just lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked or raw. Going on a vegan diet for a couple of days could only benefit your health.


By stopping the intake of unhealthy chemicals from processed foods, you give your body a chance to eliminate some of the chemicals that are slowing down the functions of your body and making you sick. The water, vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruits and vegetables also help nourish your body, regaining its long time lost vitality and energy this way.

I consider the vegan 21 day cleanse Oprah Winfrey did the perfect start for any weight loss program. It isn’t a weight loss diet in itself, but it sure helps get you started losing weight fast. By cleaning out your body you speed up your metabolism and you are set to lose even more weight with the help of a healthy weight loss plan.

What bothers me about the 21 day cleanse Oprah Winfrey followed is the huge amounts of she ate. Soy is a great food, even a super food, providing the body with lots of proteins. But finding organically grown non-mutated soy is like searching for the proverbial needle in the hay stack. That is why I personally don’t like to eat soy. Otherwise it is a great source of vegetable proteins.

Because of the lack of proteins while on the 21 day cleanse, you shouldn’t use it for more than that. Especially if you decide to exercise to speed up your weight loss results. Your body needs proteins to repair itself after an intense workout.

Since we are talking about exercising, Oprah Winfrey likes to do a combination of strength training, cardio and Pilates to maintain her weight, even lose weight. The best way to exercise is by combining strength training and cardio, resulting in a fat melting combination. Pilates is great for maintain ones flexibility and mobility.

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