Noemie Lenoir’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Looking Great Always

February 19, 2011

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French export Noémie Lenoir definitely makes men gaga over her 5 foot 10 inch frame, green eyes and sexy bod. Her portfolio is as impressive as her beauty, having modeled for big names such as Elle, L’Oréal, Victoria’s Secret, Gap and Next. Her knockout, supple figure and fresh-faced looks definitely makes her all the more alluring, and that she credits to her healthy eating and exercise habits.

"Don’t worry, we models eat. I, for one, eat a lot." She says, laughing. "It’s just all about eating in moderation and eating healthily."
Noemie-Lenoir.jpgNoemie Lenoir’s diet contains both balanced diet and portion control. In simple terms, the balanced diet involves meals that combine several different types of foods groups especially the main food groups at the right amount. This ensures that Noemie obtains the right amounts of food her body needs and at the same time, helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Noemie Lenoir’s diet involves eating balanced amounts of bread, rice potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods, fruits and vegetables, some milk, cheese and yoghurt, meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein, and a small amount of foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar.

For Noemie Lenoir’s exercise routine, she loves to swim and horseback riding too. Swimming is considered a full body exercise that burns as much as 300 to 600 calories per hour. It is considered a fitness routine that is great for individuals with previous injuries or quite old. Noemie Lenoir’s exercise also includes other cardio exercises that help a lot in losing weight and maintaining weight at the ideal range.

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