No Fast Food Please: I want to get fit and stay fit

June 18, 2009

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We are daily bombarded with fast food. Children and teenagers are magnetically pulled to fast food. Fast food is delicious and a pleasure to eat. Unfortunately fast food is unhealthy too.

From the start the healthy eating principles are in direct opposition with the idea of fast food. We should always avoid eating on the run. You must be comfortable while eating, without any stress. You have to chew your food at least 20-30 times and eat slow. When you eat on the run you don’t help your stomach a helping hand in digesting the food you eat. You need to chew your food good. But even if you ate slowly fast food you still can’t avoid all the unhealthy side effects they have.

Studies, done in the USA and Great Britain have showed that the explosion of obesity occurred at the same rate as the fast food chain conquered the world. The way fast food is made, how fast food is stored and the industrial processes used to make fast food will make you stop eating fast food if you care about your health. At a fast food you will never find fresh food. Nobody peals the potatoes in the kitchen, and the chicken or beef meat who knows how old it is. Before reaching our table the foods are dehydrated, frozen and packaged to make them look fresh. All that food processing takes away from the nutritious value of the food. The natural taste of the food is also gone. Think about it: can you cook a McDonalds meal at home?

I know that fast food is tasty. Sometimes I find myself carving for a KFC or McDonalds meal. But I know that the fabulous addictive taste is created with the help of dozens or even hundreds of food additives. The purpose of the food additive is that of making fast food addictive and making you re-buy soon another fast food meal. Your taste buds can be fooled but you should be string and make a smart choice: don’t eat fast food. Children get hyperactive after eating fast food. It is normal if you take into consideration all the food colorants used to make the food look good and appetizing. For example E621 is a food additive used by the fast food industry. The bad news is that E621 is a cancerous food additive. Have you ever read what they use to make your happy menu. You should if you want to lose your appetite fat. Fast food is jam packed with cancerous substances.


Do you want to be fat or get even fatter. Eat lots if fast food. But you won’t only become fat you will also become unhealthy. There was a great documentary about these: Super Size Me. I recommend you get it and watch it with your whole family. By eating fast food you get fat, your cholesterol level rises, and paves the way for heart problems. The low price should never be taken into consideration if you think about how expensive medical bills can be. By staying healthy you will save more money in the long run trust me.

Stop eating fast food if you want to be healthy and fit. At the same time you will save lots of money in medical bills.

Further reading: Fast Food Obesity: unhealthy eating for an unhealthy life.

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