Nicole Scherzinger’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Hard Work is Important

December 28, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Nicole Scherzinger is easily the most recognizable member of the Pop group Pussycat Dolls. The 32 year old beauty easily mesmerizes with her chocolate brown eyes, exotic Latina looks and knockout body, achieved only by making the proper food choices and regular physical activity.

"I’m Part Filipino, Russian and Hawaiian, even though I look Latina or Brazilian." She says with a laugh. "I have good genes, but that doesn’t mean I can slack off, I still work hard to maintain my body."

nicole-scherzinger.jpgNicole Scherzinger’s diet is nothing out of the ordinary, she just adheres to eating well balanced, healthy foods. She doesn’t adhere to any strict diet, admitting she is someone who cannot stand strict dieting.

“I love to eat all my meals. I love to have my desserts, my chocolate and cheese.” She says. “I like three meals a day, but if my schedule is crazy I’ll have six smaller snacks. I’m 5ft 5in and weigh 93lbs. You can’t expect to function properly if you’re hungry.”

Nicole Scherzinger’s exercise routine includes a lot of cardio workouts through jogging, hiking, swimming and her personal favorite, dancing.

 “Majority of my fitness exercise program consist of being part of The Pussycat Dolls. I get a lot of fitness training performing the high energy dance routines,” Nicole says. 

 Nicole states, “crunches on an exercise ball really target your abs!” Also, “to tone my legs, I dance, run, do squats and lunges.”

Nicole also attends Yoga classes and lifts weights regularly to maintain the strength and flexibility of her muscles.

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