Nick Carter’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Safe and Effective Weight Loss

February 17, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Tall, blonde and handsome Nick Carter first broke hearts singing his way to stardom as one of the lead vocalists of pop group Backstreet Boys. Looking at his toned and ripped physique now, no one whould have ever guessed he used to struggle with being overweight, as everyone who watched his reality show, House of Carters, knew. But then, with an upcoming reunion with the boy band looming, the bad boy hottie promptly started a fitness regimen and lost  44 pounds in a record time of six weeks! He has since then maintained his healthy weight and here, the hunk shares on how motivation and discipline played a part on his way to success.

"I’d become depressed. Something deep down inside of me said, I’m tired of being this person! And I’m a good looking guy!" He says with a laugh. "That’s what motivated me, you know."

Nick-Carter.jpgNick Carter’s diet involves eating meals every 3 hours that increases the metabolic process of his body. However, he limits his daily caloric intake to 1,400 calories per day.

“My weight loss has really been because of watching calories,”  Nick recalls. "I watched what I ate, and ate in moderation."

Nick Carter’s diet usually includes lots of salads plus powerbars and limits his intake of alcoholic beverages. But like other dieters, he also allows himself one cheat day per week through eating ice cream.

Nick is actually very much aware of his caloric intake and to prove that, he used to have a food journal to keep track of his diet. In fact, according to research, this is one of the most effective weight loss strategies especially when you avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages.

For Nick Carter’s exercise routine, he hits the gym 6 times a week to lift weights which is considered an effectives means to stay in shape, and gain strength. A lot of male celebrities actually include this in their routine to help in bulking up their muscles.

For Nick’s cardio exercise, he uses the elliptical trainer, a stationary exercise machine that helps in simulating walking or running without causing much injury or pain to the person’s joints. It can vary from light to high intensity depending on the resistance preference of the person.

Nick Carter’s exercise routine is done together with his personal trainer Mike Hazards. He also loves boxing, an activity considered as a serious workout that burns as much as 400 to 1,000 calories per hour which works almost all muscles of the body.

"I like it when people look at me now and don’t recognize me from House of Carters." He says. "Dieting is a job. It’s hard work, but the results are definitely worth it."

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