Natural sugar substitutes for a healthy nutrition

May 7, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

There are good natural sweets that can substitute with success sugar and sugary products. Here are the natural sugar substitutes that are good for your health:

Fresh fruits contain an ideal quantity of different types of sugars. Fresh juices, fruit salads and fruits offer a moment of relaxation for your body, bringing your blood sugar under normal levels and regulating the functions of the pancreas. You will have a more refined taste and better olfactory capabilities. The best part is that in our modern times fruits are available to us all year long. There are no excuses for not eating more fruits and less sweets.


Honey is an ideal sweetener for teas, milk and juices. Honey is a complex mix of natural sugars, a living food that the human body can assimilate without any problems. The bad part is that you can’t really use honey to prepare good looking bakes and pastry products. If you have any recipes I would like to hear them. Be careful and buy natural honey that has no refined sugar added artificially by feeding the bees with sugar. Sometimes it is necessary to become a veritable detective to find natural honey resulted from the labor of bees only.

Brown sugar is another substitute for highly refined white sugar. Brown sugar is similar to ordinary sugar but is considerably more dark colored and it has a more uneven shape. Brown sugar is a great substitute to use in baking and pastry products because it behaves the same. Brown sugar has a lower melting point, makes less foam and is much more healthier than refined sugar.

Eating refined sugar daily has many side effect and you should be aware of them. Find out the side effect of eating too much sugar. Also find out if you should stop eating sugar fast because you are in a high risk group.

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