Milo Ventimiglia’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Doing Things You Like

February 16, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

At 5 foot 9 and with his 137 pound frame of muscle, it’s kind of hard to believe actor Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes fame used to be ultra skinny. Here, the 30 year old hunk dishes on what he did to achieve his current buff and toned physique.

"I used to be really thin, I didn’t have a lot of man weight on me." He recalls. "I’ve always lead a healthy lifestyle, I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, and I grew up playing a lot of sports, but I wasn’t really growing up. So I headed to the gym and it’s great how the results quicly became apparent."

Milo-Ventimiglia.jpgMilo Ventimiglia’s diet is the healthy vegetarian diet that avoids the intake of meat but still allows the consumption of cheeses or other dairy products.

Most of the time, the moral perspective of the dieter plays a big part in the primary reasons why they chose to adhere in such diet. Furthermore, this is added by the health benefits one can gain from getting rid of meat from their diet.

Milo Ventimiglia’s diet actually has a lot of health benefits including the lowering down of cholesterol, the prevention of arterial clogs, and the same time weight loss or maintenance as it helps in burning calories.

For Milo Ventimiglia’s exercise routine, he does cardio exercises such as running or jumping rope which he considers to be interesting.

Cardio exercises are considered to be very effective in burning a lot of calories thus effective for weight loss purposes and maintenance too. It burns almost 300 to 500 calories per workout and is part of everyone’s exercise routine.

Additionally, Milo Ventimiglia’s exercise routine includes unusual activities that can still helping in burning calories this includes surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding which are among his favorite sports or past time activities. You’ll notice that his fitness program isn’t set up by his personal trainer because he prefers to workout on his own and include in his fitness program activities he like.

"People just started to say to me, ‘Wow, you’ve grown up, did you get taller?" he says, laughing. "Everything has paid off. You get to do the stunts so much easier."

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