Michelle Pfeiffer’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Fantastic Figure

February 15, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Naturally radiant Michelle Pfeiffer has gone from catwoman to lounge singer, and at 52, she’s still having us purr over her 5 foot 6 frame and stunning good looks. The 3-time Oscar nominee has appeared in memorable films such as Scarface, Dangerous Liaisons,The Fabulous Baker Boys, What Lies Beneath and Batman. We’ve pretty much deduced she’s found the fountain of youth Ponce de Leon was looking for.

"It’s simple! Eat well, exercise and get lots of sleep." She says, laughing. Her cat-like eyes alight. "BUt make sure to indulge ocassionally.”

Michelle-Pfeiffer.jpgMichelle Pfeiffer’s diet involves portion control and low-fat diet. The low fat diet involves keeping tract of the daily fat gram total or adheres to a diet plan wherein all allowable foods are low in fat content.

Research shows that Michelle Pfeiffer’s diet, where 20% to 30% of calories originate from fat, are more likely to achieve weight loss and maintain it at a longer time.

Furthermore, healthy fats otherwise called as unsaturated fats are vital to the person’s overall health and must not be limited to less than 20%. 

For Michelle Pfeiffer’s exercise routine, she loves to run 4 to 6 miles everyday. Running is one form of cardio exercise that is considered a great activity that burns 500 to 1500 calories per hour. Her routine also includes sprints with some hiking as well as Pilates. She likewise works out together with her personal trainer Kathy Kaehler.

"She’s great." Michelle says of Kathy. "She motivates me every day. To run on my treadmill, to do weight training.. She never lets me slack off."

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