Mary J. Blige’s Diet and Exercise Tips

December 23, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Six-time Grammy Award Winning Superstar and Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige is known for her glamour-girl styling and high-heeled stilettos. The music superstar looks toned in almost everything she wears, a testament to her get-up-and-get-back-there, no-nonsense attitude, even in the gym. Truth be told, she’s always ready to sweat it out.

"I’m still a work in progress." She says. "I don’t love exercise and dieting but I appreciate what it does for me. All the stuff you hate to do just pushes you further."

mary-j-blige.jpgMary J. Blige’s diet consists of low carbohydrate meals is similar to the Atkins eating plan. This low carbohydrate diet encourages the intake of meats, cheeses, greens and healthy fats while maintaining the carbohydrate levels at a minimum. Avoidance of highly processed and refined foods is advised. Mary J. credits this diet in helping her lose more than 40 pounds since starting in 2001.

"The only sweets I have are black jelly beans and licorice." She says. "Thankfully I love veggies. Raw, cooked, it doesn’t matter."

Mary J. tries not to be too hard on herself, and has hired a trainer who helped her see her weaknesses in a new light. Mary J. Blige’s exercise routine includes weight lifting three times a week concentrating on her arms, legs, as well as glutes. She also does squats, bench presses and  intense cardio exercises on alternating days.

Currently, she is trying to incorporate Core Secrets to her routine by the recommendation of her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson. This workout involves full body and body-part specific exercises concentrating on strengthening the core and toning the body. 

"Weaknesses are goals to work in the long term." She says firmly. "You have to make fitness a priority. If you want it, you got to be committed to it, that’s the only way."

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