Lower Earning People Are More Likely To Be Fat

May 17, 2010

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A new made by UC Davis study proved that the less money you make the more likely you are to be obese. This is in stark contradiction with a Canadian study were the more money men made the fatter they were. It seems that our cultural differences have a strong influence on our waistline.

The reason why lower earning people are more likely to be fat, even obese, is linked to the fact that they have a limited access to low calorie healthy food. Also the neighborhoods where they live don’t have enough parks and facilities to promote regular exercising. The truth of the matter is the worst the reputation the neighborhood is the less likely you are to go for a walk.

Until now there were only speculations about the link between a low income and being overweight. But according to the senior author of the study Paul Leigh "The correlation between obesity and poverty-level wages was very strong."

This study came out only to prove something everybody suspected, some even believed. When you are on a small income you can’t afford to eat healthy food. In fact even if you decide to buy healthy food you can’t find it at an affordable price. Usually lower earning people have to travel greater distances to find a store with healthy food at a good price.

According to Leigh a possible way to stop the obesity epidemic seeping around the USA is by increasing the minimum wage. In his words: "The outcome leads us to believe that raising minimum wages could be part of the solution to the obesity epidemic. Doing so could increase purchasing power enough to expand access to healthier lifestyle choices," which is a God given right in my opinion.

In conclusion you have to find ways of making more money if you want to lose weight. Healthy food isn’t as cheap as unhealthy food unfortunately, but the health bills are even more expensive if you don’t take care of yourself.

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