Low Fat Diet Weight Loss: should you use it?

February 1, 2010

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Your fat intake contributes to gaining weight, since one ounce of fat bring almost double the calories than an ounce protein or glucose. So if you want to lose weight, reduce cholesterol or you just want to eat healthy you need to reduce your fat food intake.

If we also want to lose weight it’s not enough to reduce your fat food intake you also need to control the quantity of eaten foods.

On a global level the consumption of fatty foods has permanently been rising. Thus in 1850 the yearly consumption of the average person was 27.5 lbs, in 1900 It was 37.5 lbs and in 2000 it was 66 lbs of fat. So we ask ourselves how much fat should we eat daily?


For adults the daily fat intake should be 25-30% of the daily calorie ration. So for someone who consumes 200Kcal daily should consume less than 1.4 ounces of fat. Also the daily quantity of cholesterol should be limited to 0.01 ounces daily.

Here are some benefits of some healthy fat rich foods which can help make your classic recipes tastier:

  1. Olive oil-has high quantities of vitamin A and E, has a greater thermal stability than others, it oxidizes and cools harder
  2. Pumpkin seeds- are an excellent source of essential amino acids and primary protein, they’re rich in vitamins and minerals especially zinc and iron.
  3. Sesame seed- are a good source of fat and protein. A feature of sesame oil is the presence of sesamin, a beneficial lignin:
    • reduces cholesterol absorption within the intestine
    • raises cholesterol excretion thru waste.
    • partially inhibits cholesterol synthesis in the liver.
  4. Avocado- is an excellent source of beneficial fatty acids.
  5. peanuts and nuts (unsalted and raw)- are rich in natural fats, minerals such as zinc, selenium and significant quantities of anti oxidants which prevent forming of free radicals and tumor growth

In conclusion if we want to lose weight, to maintain our ideal weight and to be healthy we can start by choosing a calorically controlled diet (1700 kcal/day), by reducing the quantity of animal fat from our diet and filtering fats by quality.

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