How to Lose Weight While Dining Out

You’ve heard how restaurant-prepared foods always seem so calorie and sodium laden, and that’s why eating out is often discouraged for individuals who desire to shed off some pounds. However, losing weight fast doesn’t really require you to skip your favorite restaurants altogether. Rather, eating out just calls for you to eat smart and choose healthier options.


Noe, we share some tricks to outsmart clever food marketers trying to sell you empty calories, and with these tips, you will be eating the foods you love, at your favorite restaurant, while still making sure to drop the extra pounds off.

Here are the rules to live by:

1. Make careful menu selections

Remember, the waiter is a salesperson, and when he makes a suggestion, it’s not always your cue to say yes. 

Dishes labeled pan-fried, creamy, crispy or all other fancy terms used to describe the way of cooking usually means the dish is high in calories, unhealthy fats and sodium.

Learn to spot which dishes are made with lower calorie cooking methods by asking how each dish is prepared.

2. No to supersizing

Order regular portion sizes instead of a value meal. Supersized food may seem like a good bargain for your money, but actually, you’re not buying more good stuff for your body, you’re just getting more empty calories out of it.

At a typical restaurant, a single serving can be enough for two persons. Fill up your doggie bag, and divide the portion with a dining partner.

3. Drink up some water

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so drink lots of water first to determine whether you’re really hungry or just in need of some water.

Water fuels your fat burners, and makes you feel full longer. It is the best drink for everyone on a diet, instead of the calorie-packed beverages that only add extra inches to your waistline.

4. Cut up your food

Studies have revealed that people tend to overeat when meal portions are big. Pay attention to your food and savor each bite. Slicing your food into small, bite-sized strips or chunks help you eat less by tricking your brain into thinking that it is eating a larger portion of food.

5. Undress your meals

Ask for food the way you want it to be cooked, and in choosing items, be aware of the meals masquerading as low-calorie and low-fat. Undress your food by asking for sandwich without the mayo, salads with the dressing on the side, and chicken without the skin.

The Skinny

If you plan on eating out, think about what you will be eating for the rest of the day so you can plan ahead and not go overboard with your calorie intake. Restaurants often make us feel like healthy eating is not possible, but with right the planning, you’ll find that you can still enjoy the treats from your favorite fast food while dropping the pounds.

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