Lose Weight and Stay Healthy By Cleaning the House

June 12, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

When a big holyday comes around the corner you get busy cleaning the house. If you are lucky and have a garden, you also have to clean it too. As a side note I really hate cleaning my garden. But it is a great way to work out my body and get rid of stress.

Women usually have an easier time at maintaining their weight is they are busy as bees cleaning up around the house. The more work they do around the house the more in shape they are. If you are a man you should do some cleaning too. Not too much because our natural programming is oriented towards making thing dirty. The scientists from the University of College London say that the frequent you do physical activities that need a lot of force the more in shape you will be. Your body and mind will benefit a lot and be more healthy.


Just 20 minutes of cleaning up around the house once a week is enough to eliminate stress, depression and anxiety. I must add that during those 20 minutes you cannot take a break, and you must feel that you are working out your muscles. You should feel tired at the end of the 20 minutes cleaning round. Great home cleaning exercises are washing windows, vacuuming, washing carpets… The greater the effort and the frequent it is the better it is for your health.

The study done by the University College London was made on 20.000 people, women and men. They have concluded that those that worked out just one time a week had slimmer chance, 33% less, of being affected by mental problems. Those that clean the house once a week had their chances of being affected by mental problems reduced by 20%.

Any physical activity, like the one done while cleaning the house or backyard, reduces inflammations, the cardiovascular problems and the glucose intolerance. It also alleviates any depression, even curing it.

This study is the first one to establishes how much time you need to exercise for your brain to feel the positive effects. The link between a healthy mind and physical activity is a real one. The effect of physical activity on the mind is a positive one that appears only after 20 minutes of physical activity, done at least one a week. The scientists have also taken into consideration the hypothesis the people suffering from mental disorders don’t exercise that much which in turn makes them even sicker.

To get rid of stress and to achieve a good mood embrace any opportunity to clean around the house. Get to work. You will have a much pleasant living environment and your body will he healthier.

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