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January 29, 2010

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Keeping the figure you gained is the hard part of this weight loss plan. Fashion and diet are often regarded as temporary activities and we give up some healthy eating habits once we have gained what we wanted – in this case the figure that we dreamed about. This part of the weight loss program focuses on the idea of continuing the previously adopted healthy habits for the rest of your life.

Keeping the weight off and the obtained figure

Expert studies show that without a maintenance program, 75% of those who followed a diet will accumulate the fat back in a year and probably over 95% in at least 3 years. So, follow a maintenance program and setting good goals is an important step in weakening the effects of time. Follow the tips below:
• Monitor your diet with a daily diary of foods you consumed;
• Participate in group therapies weakened and do as much fitness as you can;
• Performs at least 30 minutes of exercises 4 or 5 times a week;
• Focus on bettering your health and consider weight loss a pleasant companion;
• Think that all this process to make you look better just for yourself, thank yourself for your physical appearance;
• Replace sugar and fats with healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other products that are rich in fibers;
• Watch the size of the consumed portions and control your hunger;
• Eat three meals a day and reduce the snacks between the meals;
• Use the strategies you learned to master the cravings that you sometimes feel are overwhelming and permanently establish targets;
• Think you have adopted a healthy lifestyle and not a diet that will be a burden for the rest of your life;
• Have faith in yourself and do not give into temptations that will block your progress;
• Accept that there is no food or pills that do wonders and that weight loss works on the principle of permanent maintenance;
• Recognize your true value it does not only consist in a well-defined silhouette. The moment you accept yourself as you are, the process of losing the pounds and maintenance will be very easily come into place;
• Discover your passions, hobbies to take your mind off food;
• Learn to control stress;
• Remove the words "never" and "always" from your vocabulary. The key is moderation. You will only lie to yourself if you say that you will never eat ice cream or that you will always do sports.

Effective strategies for losing weight and keeping it off forever

Following a study in the United States on a representative sample of people some effective strategies for maintaining the obtained figure were created:
• Approximately 55% of participants followed a weight loss program, and 45% have followed their diet;
• Most reported that on average, consumption is limited to 30% fat calories per day;
• Most had regular meals, even at the restaurant (occasionally);
• They made moderate physical activity;
• More than 70% of participants had at least one family member suffering from obesity. These genes that prone them to obesity yet they managed to lose weight;
• Very few of them (4%) used the weight loss drug;
• 42% of them say it is easier to maintain your weight than to lose;
• 95% of them say that they have improved their lifestyle and 92% say they have become stronger and more energetic.

Find sources of motivation to keep the weight off

One of the decisive factors in weight loss with long lasting effects is the support of those around you.

And, of course, you need to stay active during the entire program. Remember that the end of the weight loss program does not mean the end of the progress you made. Often, if you abandon a well structured program you easily fall into temptations that watch everywhere and you will retake the habits you once (which contributed to the increase in your weight).

Therefore, you should really find a new source that still motivates you and remind yourself of your target permanently. This motivation can even be a pact with a friend to do sports together 4 times a week. Or you can focus on group therapies were you discuss a healthy way to lose weight and how to maintain effects over a long period of time.

As you approach the end of the program look back and enjoy the achievements. Every effort made, no matter how small it was, was a complete success. You covered a large amount of information during these weeks and you definitely learned something extra about the thin and fat. Be optimistic about the program and results will not take long to get here!

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