Lisa Marie Presley’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Get Rid of Baby Weight

February 9, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Lisa Marie Presley is the Princess of Rock and Roll, being the daughter of Rock n’ Roll legend Elvis Presley. At 43, she is now a proud mother to twin girls, and opens up to us about how she lost the 30 pound baby weight the natural way.

"I gained 30 pounds total, up to the seventh month, I still worked out." she says. "Nothing intense, just walking. I’m like everyone else, I wanted to lose weight, so I walked a lot and I’m an organic eater."

Lisa-Marie-Presley.jpgLisa Marie Presley’s diet follows the principles of organic diet which isn’t just a temporary fad diet but a lifestyle change as well. It provides the body with the proper nutrition the body needs, promotes good health, and helps attain a longer life. It likewise has a cleansing effect in the body that’s why the body remains healthy and fit.

Lisa Marie Presley’s diet allows her to eat anything natural or organic and at the same time, avoid the consumption of foods that contain artificial sweeteners and other additives. This is because food additives aren’t naturally occurring hence, they can be bad to the health as it starts to build up toxins within the body.

For Lisa Marie Presley’s exercise routine, she walks a lot as a form of cardio exercise. Walking is actually considered among the safest, simplest and best forms of exercise. It comes with a lot of physical benefits including regulation of the blood pressure, preventing arterial clogs, lessening the chances of acquiring diseases related to the heart, toning up the muscles, and increasing the energy levels of the person.

At the same time, Lisa Marie Presley’s exercise effectively burns a lot of calories approximately 300 to 500 calories per hour. 

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