Lisa Loeb’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Staying Green, Healthy and Fit

December 23, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb wears fitness like a second skin. The 42 year old petite songstress first emerged into the scene with her chart-topping single Stay (I Missed You) and many fell prey to her soulful voice, ever changing eyewear and knockout bod.

"I’m not into the whole dieting thing." She says. "I think you should just watch what you eat. You should give a thought to what your’e giving to your body."

lisa-loeb.jpgLisa Loeb’s diet follows the vegetarian way of living in support of animal and environmental rights. This eating plan focuses on consuming plant products for food, preferably organic, and excludes all forms of meat, even eggs.

Despite of her busy schedule, Lisa always makes time for working out. Lisa Loeb’s exercise routine includes strength training two times a week and 5 days a week cardio exercises by brisk walking or running on the treadmill. Lisa is also an avid hiker and considers hiking as her go-to workout.

"I’ve been hiking for a long time. It’s something you can do with a friend, it’s fun and it’s a great cardio workout." She says. "You can burn so many calories just by hiking alone."

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