Lindsay Lohan Diet Secrets: Get a Healthy Diet

July 26, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

After lots of speculations and allegations about Lindsay Lohan and her unhealthy dieting, it seems that that Lindsay Lohan is putting them all behind and choosing to pursue a healthy lifestyle. We might never know what was, but what is sure is that Lindsay is set on improving her health and maintain her body trim using healthy methods.

As in the case of many other start, portion control is a mantra to live by. And Lindsay Lohan does her best to live by it in her attempt to have a healthy lifestyle. Besides trying to eat smaller meals, Lindsay Lohan also follows a low cab diet, avoiding sugar or anything containing refined sugar like the plague.


To help her speed up her metabolism, Lindsay Lohan drinks Kombucha tea, which is a fermented tea usually used for its allegedly health benefits. Studies are not clear on how effective Kombucha tea really is. The best way is to drink some and experience the health effects yourself. If you like it good, if not, oh well.

To keep herself in shape Lindsay Lohan has done the S Factor strip workout for every women. A fun workout that has more benefits than health benefits. Nowadays Lindsay Lohan exercises under the supervision of her personal trainer Justin Gelband. According to her she just loves to do push-ups: “I like doing push-ups. I’ll just drop and do them. People think I’m a bit crazy, but I’ve actually gotten pretty good.”

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