Life Extending Resveratrol Supplements Stops Obesity

July 8, 2010

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Have you ever wondered how the French manage to stay slim healthy and fit? French cuisine is very high on fats and yet French people that enjoy it aren’t obese. One possible reason is the life extending resveratrol which is naturally found in red wine. Given how the French love their red wine as much as their food this is probably the reason they stay fit and live longer than most other people, especially Americans

Studies conducted on animals showed that resveratrol acts as boost to your natural metabolism, speeding it up and helping you burn more energy and also reduce hunger.

Test performed on lemurs, members of the primate family, showed that their metabolic rate and hunger drastically decrease. They were administered resveratrol supplements during their annual fattening season. The surprisingly effective results included a 10 to 15 per cent in reduction in the amount of fat they put on. Also heir resting metabolic rate, which means burnt energy without exercise, was increased by 29%.

How cool is that? Just sit back, relax and stop obesity, even lose weight

Also the experiment done on lemurs should that unlike most supplements resveratrol worked even better as time passed. Plus it helps reduce appetite. The lemurs in the study consumed 13% less food at meal time.Most weight lose supplements that claim to stop obesity or help you lose weight fast don’t do so. They are dangerous for you. Plus they only work for a little while and just help shed water weight.

Resveratrol is different. As time goes by, you lose more and feel better. And you can also enjoy it with a healthy and delicious meal accompanied by a glass of red wine and not even worry of overeating. Enjoy.

However further studies are needed to be able to conclude the link between healthy weight loss and resveratrol supplements. But expected benefits include weight lose, improved mood and a greater life expectancy. Life expectancy increase is a direct result of losing weight, staying fit and eating healthy

In the mean time I recommend you follow the French people’s lead and enjoy at least one glass of good red wine per day and eating slowly. Also some company would be advised, someone to talk to during meal times.

If you manage to find Life extending resveratrol supplements and want to use them and stop obesity please consult your doctor first

For more wine related health benefits check out the Red Wine Benefits.

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