LeAnn Rimes’ Diet and Exercise Tips: Always Eating Healthy

December 22, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Sultry songstress and classic Southern belle LeAnn Rimes first gained public attention for her rich vocals and catchy country music tunes. The buff and bronzed blonde babe is busy touring the world and promoting her music, but always finds the time to take care of her bikini body.

"In this business, you really have to take care of your body." She shares. "Thousands of people are watching you perform, you shouldn’t look too skinny or too fat, you should be fit."

LeAnn_Rimes.jpgLeAnn Rimes’ diet adheres to the low glycemic index diet which ranks carbohydrates by their effect on the blood glucose levels. This eating plan encourages the intake of so-called low GI carbs such as oats, barley, bran, wholegrains, fresh greens and fruit to keep the energy levels balanced.

 “I’m a health nut, too, so I try to keep my eating habits in check.” She shares. "I love my diet, all my favorite foods are allowed, it’s great."

Hollywood’s pressure to be beautiful is inescapable, but the star doesn’t stress about it. Leanne simply loves working out. LeAnn Rimes’ exercise routine includes cardio workouts, resistance training and yoga.

She also does 50-minute weight-lifting workouts together with 1 to 2 minutes of cardio bursts every week with Celebrity Trainer, Daon Johnson to icrease her stamina and speed up her metabolism.

 “It keeps my heart rate up, and I never get bored.” She says. “I also do yoga regularly, and my husband and I walk our dogs a few miles whenever we can.” 

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