Leah Remini’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Your Needs Matter!

February 7, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

The King Of Queens star Leah Remini has the looks and attitudes to become a sitcom star with her deep, dark eyes and full lips. Without even addressing her now renowned body, breasts and butt that won’t quit, it’s obvious this 5 foot 3 beauty deserves a good old fashioned chant of "We’re not worthy!". She may have struggled for years to lose the extra pounds she put on during her pregnancy to daughter Sophia, but now, she is back to her fighting form, thanks to her healthy eating and dieting habits. 

"It was hard on me mentally." She says as she recalls her battle with the bulge. "But I’m so happy now, because, physically, I’m back. When you set your mind to anything, you really can do it. I worked out for five times a week."

Leah-Remini.jpegLeah Remini’s diet is adhered to the principles of Dr. Cohen’s First Personal diet, a customized diet plan based on the results of your blood tests. A doctor evaluates the results and will create a diet plan that fits your needs. 

According to its inventor, Dr. R. Cohen, obesity is a metabolic problem arising out of hormonal imbalances and the diet seeks to correct that with a balanced eating program that ‘triggers’ your body to correct these imbalances.

For Leah Remini’s exercise routine, she spends at least 45 minutes at the gym with her personal trainer 5 times a week doing weight lifting, cardio workouts, strength and resistance training.

"I vary my routines so I don’t get bored." She says. "When you look for a personal trainer, find one who motivates you. That’s what my trainer does, she’s amazing."

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