Kirsten Dunst’s Diet and Exercise Tips: Commitment is Important

December 22, 2010

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Kirsten Dunst is all girl-next-door perfection with her svelte figure and cherubic round face. The 5 foot 6 stunner who shot to fame as the quirky heroine of the mother-of-all cheerleading movies Bring it On has once admitted to having some weight issues before, but this charming actress who has been hailed as Hollywood’s Top Leading Ladies has learned to cope up with the pressures of fame., and has been handling herself amazingly well throughout the years.

"Now, I’m better at eating healthily. But I’m not a freak about it, I still eat bread." She admits. "I eat what I want to eat but I’m thoughtful about what I put in my body because there’s so much crap in food these days."

kirsten-dunst.jpgKirsten Dunst’s diet plan follows portion control with grazing strategy. This diet allows her to eat small, low calorie, protein-rich mini-meals every couple of hours that helps in speeding up her metabolic rate and helps in burning fats.

This actress doesn’t follow a strict exercise routine unlike other celebrities, admitting she never was a big fan of working out. Kirsten Dunst’s exercise includes Pilates, doing outdoor activities, resistance bands, cardio workouts and lunges.

Her personal trainer, Kacy Duke, challenges Kirsten by increasing the incline of her treadmill and working out on an empty stomach to avoid what she calls a "fitness plateau," which is a condition that happens when the person’s body gets accustomed to the usual exercise he or she performs.

"I change my routine often, so as not to get bored doing the same stuff over and over again." Kirsten shares.

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