Keri Russell’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Easy Way of Losing Weight After Pregnancy

March 24, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

American actress and professional dancer Keri Russell has lent her pretty face and acting chops to films We Were Soldiers, The Upside of Anger, Mad About Mambo, Wonder Woman, Mission: Impossible III, Waitress, August Rush, Bedtime Stories, and Extraordinary Measures. The 5 foot 4 stunner has always been impossibly svelte, and after giving birth to a baby boy last 2007, the public has seen the 35 year old actress bounce back and get her pre-baby figure in no time. Here, she shares the diet and exercise routine that has kept her body drool-worthy all these years.

Keri-Russell.jpg“I have to watch what I eat and exercise regularly. I never diet, though, that can disturb your metabolism and cause you to gain even more weight in the future,” Keri shares.

Keri Russell’s diet plan in the morning involves eating one fruit as she believes “It detoxifies the system and gets my body up and running.”

During lunch time and dinner, her diet shifts to high protein meals, low carbohydrates and low fat meals too.

The low fat meals involve monitoring one’s daily fat gram intake and consumes foods low in fat. For the low carbohydrate meals, it allows the person to eat anything except sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables.

For the high protein meals, this involves eating meals that are right in protein like fish.

For Keri Russell’s exercise routine, she walks on the treadmill two times in a day and does yoga every morning.

Walking on the treadmill is considered a form of cardio exercise that burns a lot of calories especially those that come from fat thus effective in losing weight and preventing heart-related conditions.

Yoga, on the other hand, helps in strengthening, toning, and elongating the muscles in the different parts of the body.

But aside from doing this, Keri lost weight with breastfeeding.She claims that once she started nursing her child, she burns almost 300 to 500 calories per day.

"Breastfeeding! It’s miraculous! I mean, within two weeks, you’re like, ‘Whoa, where is everything?” she shares.


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