Kelly Carlson’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Never Stressing Yourself

February 6, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Ridiculously hot Kelly Carlson first broke into the scene playing Kimber Henry on the hit TV show Nip/Tuck. Not long after, the 34 year old blonde beauty found herself gracing red carpet events, smiling for magazine covers and repeatedly making it to the list of People’s Most Beautiful. Here, she shares her secrets to chieving that enviable figure, the healthy way.

"I don’t diet, but I watch what I eat, I eat in moderation and I exercise." She says. "I rarely drink alcohol and I don’t drink coffee. I take it as my responsibility to be in shape for my fans."

Kelly-Carlson.jpgKelly Carlson’s diet is based on portion control. Unlike other kinds of diet popularly known these days, portion control contains allows no food restrictions, as long as she limits her serving sizes and eats in moderation.

For Kelly Carlson’s exercise routine, she does martial arts which are considered a combat or self-defense system that is commonly done as a sport, self-defense, or self cultivation. 

"I really like being healthy, I love to exercise." She says. "I lift weights, I like to run, I go to the gym."

Furthermore, Kelly Carlson’s exercise routine also includes doing light weight training which is regarded as a muscle and strength building exercise that utilizes weights or dumbbells commonly not heavier than 10 pounds to tone up muscles without bulking up too much.

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