Keep Track to Stay on Track

September 5, 2012

Diet Plans

There are numerous benefits to tracking your diet plan and recording your fitness goals. One of the main reasons people will quit a diet is because they do not feel like they are making sufficient progress. Tracking your dieting progress can keep you motivated in addition to other benefits.


The main benefit to tracking your diet due to the extra motivation it provides. It is easier to stay on track when you are able to see the results you have achieved. If at some point you feel discouraged about your lack of progress, you can simply open your journal and see just how far you have come. Sometimes it helps to get created with your weight loss journal. For instance, you can create a graph of your progress in excel that displays the total amount of weight you have lost over a period of time.


Keeping track of your progress helps you stay accountable for your actions. If your progress is stagnant, you can look back in your diet journal and see if you have had any lapses or if anything about your diet has changed. You may think you have been consistent and find out that you have missed several days. Accountability is important.


Keeping a record of your progress also helps you plan for the future. If your goal was to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks and you stuck with your program consistently, but only lost 6 pounds, this information can help you plan your future goals. Planning is an essential part of the diet process and keeping track helps you plan more successfully.

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