Kate Winslet’s Diet and Exercise Routine for Looking Great

December 18, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Oscar Awardee English actress Kate Winslet is an achiever in many ways. Aside from her numerous acting awards and hit movies, she is living proof that health should never equal stickly thin. The discreet and shy green-eyed beauty has always been proud of her womanly curves, and here, she spills to us her secrets to keeping that amazing camera-ready body.

"I’m never going to be a size zero, but If I was that thin I don’t think I’d be healthy at all." Kate says. "When I was pregnant with Mia, I looked like the back end of the bus." She continues fondly. "I was an absolute sight, but then I exercised more and had this amazing diet."

Kate-Winslet.jpgKate has cut out processed foods, bread and alcohol on her everyday meals. Kate Winslet’s diet follows The Facial Analysis eating plan which has a technique of analyzing the face to determine the needs and the excesses of the body. 

An example of which is having large open pores, which will signify that the acid levels of the body are too high; and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead will mean the current diet is too rich.

"The diet worked for me, my skin’s much better, the weight just dropped off." She says. "I just feel great."

To keep her fit and lose that baby weight, she also had to work out regularly, which was a challenge for the actress who admitted to hate working out. Kate Winslet’s exercise routine included running on the treadmill five to seven times per week.

 “A little bit of running on the treadmill every now and then helps. It bores the hell out of me, but you’ve got to do it.” Kate states.

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