Kate Walsh’s Diet and Exercise Routine: The Best Diet She Ever Used

February 3, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Picture-perfect Kate Walsh may just be the reason so many men tune into Private Practice. The 5 foot 10 redhead stunner has it all down-pat. An happy family life, an amazing career, youthful good looks, unbelievably long legs and a to-die-for figure. Here, the self- admitted one time yoyo dieter is at her healthiest ever, credits to her healthy living and proper eating habits.

"I try to eat as healthily as I can every day. I do have junk food, but that’s really ocassional." She says.

Kate-Walsh.jpgKate Walsh’s diet is basically adhered to the portion control diet.

“I’m usually so busy, and I believe in small portions and snacking,” she admits.

Portion control diet allows Kate to eat whatever she wants provided that the servings are kept small.

“I’ve tried everything, and the only diet that ever worked for me was Weight Watchers, which I did a long time ago. I’m a girl who enjoys eating. But I do believe in moderation and portion control. It’s all anybody needs! I love chocolate, and just a little bit goes a long way,” Kate claims.

For Kate Walsh’s exercise, she does an hour-long of Pilates and Yoga session Both fitness program works similarly in teaching the proper breathing exercise, elongating and strengthening the muscles, proper alignment of the spine, toning up the muscles of different parts of the body, and relaxing the mind, body and spirit.

Kate Walsh’s exercise routine also includes cardio exercise in the form of walking.

“For exercise I basically walk my dogs slightly up hill. I don’t like steep hills. I’m lazy by nature.”

Cardio exercise is a great way to lose weight and maintain your weight at the ideal range since it helps burn 300 to 600 calories per workout. It also burns fats, and speeds up the person’s metabolism.

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