Kate Bosworth’s Diet and Exercise Tips

December 18, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Naturally lean and naturally beautiful Kate Bosworth who rose to fame as a sun-kissed surfer chick in the 2002 flick Blue Crush once had a love-hate relationship with her body image, but now, the 27 year old blue-eyed beauty, so petite and delicate in real life, has finally found the perfect balance between her diet and work out regimen. Read on to find out what keeps her fit these days, and how she finally got the jaw-dropping body she rightfully deserves.

"I really am a health nut, and I’m naturally small." Kate says. "It’s weird when people say I’m anorexic, I’m not, I’ve always been thin." 

kate-bosworth.jpgA low caloric diet plus portion control are two of Kate Bosworth’s diet secrets to staying slim. With portion control, she is allowed with no food restrictions of any kind, as long as she controls her serving size and watches out for her total caloric intake. 

"I eat a lot of veggies, lean proteins and fruit." She shares. "Then I exercise by walking my dogs."

Kate had to add 15 pounds of muscle for Blue Crush, and bulked up by surfing 6 hours every day and  weight training for at least five times a week.

Currently, Kate Bosworth’s exercise routine consists mainly of cardio workouts such as walking and swimming to keep her heart rate up and burn extra calories faster.

"I don’t have a steady trainer at the time, so I work out by myself." She says. "I love swimming and walking, it just tones up my legs."


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