Julianne Moore’s Diet and Exercise: Staying Lean and Fit At 50

December 16, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

50 year old Julianne Moore is every bit as beautiful without any artifice as when she’s lit and carefully photographed. This Academy Awardee and Emmy Award winning actress has graced the silver screen countless times with her ageless beauty and just keeps on mesmerizing moviegoers with her bravado as with her svelte figure.

"I think I’m a slender person." She says. "But in Hollywood they say I could do with losing 5 pounds more. And I’m thinking "No, If I do that I’d be emaciated’."

julianne-moore.jpgJulianne Moore’s diet follows both the Zone diet and portion control. The zone eating plan allows the maintenance of the hormonal balance in the body through consuming specifically prepared meals with the following ratio: 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of fat, and 30% of protein.

Every meal or snack is adhered to such ratio so the body is able to function at its best.

For Julianne Moore’s exercise routine, she includes yoga, cardio, as well as Pilates to her daily workout.

Julianne’s exercise routine allows her to burn around 300 to 600 calories per work out and speeds up her metabolism.

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