Jogging Will Bring You More Happiness

June 11, 2009

Health & Motivation

Our ancestors had to run to hunt their next meal. Hunting was an important part of their lifestyle and it was inevitable. So a good portion of jogging was a daily activity for our ancestors. Also the first postmen ran from village to village carrying messages and news.

People that jog frequently tell about the joy that they feel while jogging. While they run, the more they run the better they feel, getting into a good mood getting in a happy place fast. They get an euphoric state of wellbeing. When you run your brain releases endorphins which create the sensation of happiness and eliminate stress. Endorphins make us feel good and happy and also they help us fight off diseases. Your immune system gets fortified by the flow of endorphins in your body. I believe that by combining laughing as often as possible and jogging frequently you will achieve a super strong health.


Jogging helps also slow down aging, alleviating health problems related to bones and muscles. It also is a good way to lose weight. Usually people that decide to start jogging want to lose weight. They can succeed if they have the willpower to stick with jogging on a daily basis. Jogging burns lots of calories. When you just start jogging you should take it easy. But if you want to lose weight you should sweat and feel the effort when you run. Walking is good for you health and it can even slim you down on huge periods of time. But if you want to lose weight fast you have to increase your jogging intensity.

A study monitored the brains of athletes before and after 2 hour of jogging. It was clear as day that the zones of the brain responsible with the production of endorphins were very active after the physical activity. The quantity of endorphins was increased after the run.

Physical activity is also linked to the part of the brain where we feel pain. The endorphins act on the pain receiving part of the brain after jogging. This is why when you have health problems you should start exercising more.

If you start jogging you will become happier, get rid of stress and acquire more self-confidence. You will also be more energetic and feel more powerful because many of the old nasty health issues that plagued you will become gone. You will become a happier person. So what are you waiting. Start jogging today.

Find out How to start jogging for a better health.

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