Jogging Clothes: What to wear while jogging

January 26, 2010

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Here is a basic jogging outfit that will help you get the most out of your jogging. Having the right jogging clothes has an significant impact on your jogging performance.

Socks- some synthetic materials are better than cotton. Most joggers prefer light, ankle high socks. Jogging socks are the cheapest article in your wardrobe, but you should still test some different types before filling your closet.

Shorts- comfy ones, made out of synthetic material are the most sought out by joggers. A lot of jogging shorts have a special material which replaces underwear. Although they’re mostly unisex women prefer the ones made especially for them.


T-shirt –simple, cotton is the ideal choice. Unless you want to express a certain message, it doesn’t matter what type of t-shirt you wear and don’t worry you’ll create your own t-shirt gallery soon enough.

Tube-top- choosing between tube-tops and t-shirts is more a matter of taste especially on hot days.

Underwear- most men wear normal underwear under long pants while women wear sport bras for better support and mobility, moreover it can be worn without anything else on hot days.

Tights- nylon tights trump baggy sweat pants on cold days.

Sweat suits- joggers usually change into they’re competition gear out of their sweat suits which also heats you (very good if you’re training outside).

Hats- very important all year round; in winter it keeps heat in while in summer it protects your head and eyes from sunlight. The classic baseball cap is the best example. While new model hat’s have new tech in them they sometimes lean towards performance instead of design but most sport hats manage to merge performance with design in a pleasant manor.

These are the basic jogging clothes. All you have to do now is to start jogging.

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